Diesel Guest Engineer

About: Spend some time as a diesel engineer operating a 23 ton four axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Electric in 1949. The program lasts approximately one hour with 45 minutes of time on the throttle.  This is an excellent opportunity to experience hands-on history and makes a perfect gift for the rail enthusiast in your family. Reservations must be scheduled in advance.

Cost: $75.00

Time: Diesel Guest Engineer reservations are available 4pm during the regular season.  

Requirements: You must be at least 16 years old and hold a valid driver’s license in order to participate. A signed liability waiver is required.

Reservations: Advanced reservations are required. To reserve a date, contact the museum at 207.828.0814 or info@mainenarrowgauge.org (Please note: Our diesel locomotive is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance, therefore, we are unable to schedule any Guest Engineer spots until after mid-June 2017.)

Note: The locomotive is not accessible to those in a wheelchair, those who use a walker, or those who have mobility limitations. You must be able to climb up to enter the locomotive. We make every effort to honor our schedule, but reservations may be amended based on mechanical issues or crew availability.